What are the Arabic chat alphabet?

Simply it is the Arabic written in Latin letters, The Arabic chat alphabet or sometimes it's called (‘Arabizi' عربيزي), it's an alternative to the Arabic​ language​ ​and it uses the Latin alphabet. the reason this type of writing was created was that when computers and mobile phones first began to spread within the Arabic countries, it had been only possible to write in the Latin alphabet​,​ ​people began to ​look for ways to communicate in Arabic using the Latin alphabet, and therefore the Arabic chat alphabet was born.

​nowadays even with the spread of smartphones, where writing the traditional Arabic script is straightforward, many people still prefer to write ​using the Arabic chat alphabet, because it allows you to keep the phone in English, and you can keep the writing setting from left to right (standard Arabic is written right​ ​to​ ​left). you can try it here using the Arabic smart editor

Arabic letters to (Arabic chat alphabets) Mapping table

The following table shows the mapping between Arabic Letters and Arabic chat alphabets, the last column shows an example

Letters Arabic chat alphabet Example
ا‎ a e è 2na (أنا)
ب‎ b p bab (باب)
ت‎ t tmr (تمر)
ت‎ s th t tho3ban (ثعبان)
ج‎ j dj g jmal (جمال)
ح‎ 7 h 7alt al6gs (حالة الطقس)
خ‎ kh 7' 5 7'ald (خالد)
د‎ d d3a2 (دعاء)
ذ‎ z th dh d thhb or zhb (ذهب)
ر‎ r rgm or r8m (رقم)
ز‎ z zmzm (زمزم)
س‎ s samka (سمكة)
ش‎ sh ch shms (شمس)
ص‎ s 9 9ba7 (صباح)
ض‎‎ d dh 9' D 9'o2 (ضوء)
ط‎ t 6 T 6reg (طريق)
ظ‎ z th dh 6' dhalm(ظالم)
ع‎ 3 3bdallah (عبدالله)
غ‎ gh 3' 8 3'eem (غيم)
ف‎ f v farrs (فارس)
ق‎ 2 g 8 9 q gmr or 2mr (قمر)
ك‎ k g koora (كورة)
ل‎ l 3ml (عمل)
م‎ m m7mad (محمد)
ن‎ n noor (نور)
ه h a e ah eh é hkar (هكر)
ة‎ a e eh at et é mdrsehkar (مدرسة)
و‎ w o ou oo u mowdo3 (موضوع)
ي‎ ى‎ y i ee ei ai a é 25eedo3 (اخي)
ء أ ؤ إ ئ‎ 2 27md (احمد)