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About Search The Qura tool

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive Quran Search engines. Explore the Holy Quran in a Mobile-friendly and easy to use Interface. Search, read, listen, and learn the Holy Book.

Muslims believe that The Quran (Qur’aan) is a book of guidance for all peoples in all times until the Day of Judgment, showing them the correct path in their relations with their Creator and in their relations with themselves as individuals and as groups. At the same time, the Qur’aan was revealed to one man living in a specific time and place among a specific community. On occasions, certain events would occur about which the Prophet’s followers were unsure, or on other occasions they might actually ask him about some matters which were unclear to them. In response to these and similar needs, verses were revealed to the Prophet Mohammad. These events represent the context in which revelation came and are referred to as “ asbaab an-nuzool” (reasons for revelation). The Qur’aan, therefore, used particular incidents to give instructions of universal significance.

How to use the tool

  • You can type anything in the search box and click search, you also can type the sura number then colon and then the verse (sura:verse) ex: 2:4, it means (Al-Baqarah verse number 4)
  • Or you can select the sura from the drop down list and the tool will display the first verse from the selected sura
  • Once the result is displaied you can move to the next verse when you click on the arrow on the left side of the result
  • The following buttons will help you display Grammar, translation, word by word meaning and Tajweed
  • following buttons will help you to Listen to the verse in arabic and English.
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